Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can we get this straight?

Can we get three obvious things straight right now?

1. Tim Tebow is on God's side, not the other way around. Stop badgering him with idiocy.

2. A corporation is not a person, the left keeps parroting in hyperventilating about the SCOTUS decision in Citizen's United. We get that. That's not the point. What is the point is this: if a corporation is taxed, like a person is taxed, they should have the right to affect the taxer, like a person has a right to affect the taxer. Taxation with representation is a basic American understanding. If you want to tax the instituition, you should understand that they want to contribute to the campaign of representatives, like people do.

3. Warren Buffett does not pay less taxes than his secretary.

President Obama is engaging in pure demagoguery with his Buffet Rule on tax reform. From the State of the Union address:

President Obama on the Buffett Rule: “Now, you can call this class warfare all you want. But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense.”


Common sense to most people says that Warren Buffett, one of the five richest men in America, does not pay less taxes than his admittedly well paid secretary. Buffett pays millions. Secretary pays thousands.

That's in straight dollars.

What Obama means, but doesn't say because he's trying to fool you, is the Buffett pays a lower tax RATE than his secretary. That's because his secretary pays at a rate for INCOME TAX of 25% or so, and Buffett pays at a rate for CAPITAL GAINS TAX of 15% or so because he does not draw a salary and his income is from interest income on his investments.

That's a distinction that many Americans do not make, and that Obama does not want you to make.

Is this because Warren Buffett is a bad man? No. Is this because Warren Buffett is rich and rich people are bad people? No.

Capital gains tax rates are lower than income tax rates because Congress set the rates this way.

Is this because Congress is corrupt and was bought off by rich people to get lower rates? I wouldn't discount that idea. But stop dragging Buffett's secretary into that argument.

The reason capital gains tax RATES are lower than income tax RATES is because we are trying to influence behavior with the tax codes. In this case, we are trying to encourage investment - which creates jobs. It goes with the saying that "what you subsidize, you get more of". In this case, we are subsidizing investments with a lower tax rate because investments are a good thing. Raise the rates to the same rates as income tax and you might disincentivize investment, and get less investment, and get less job opportunity. Is that what you want to accomplish with your class warfare demagoguery, Mr. President? Less investment and less job opportunity?

People, think through this nonsense. Don't reward the demogogues. Leave Tim Tebow alone. Quit hyperventilating about Citizens United. And stop falling for Obama's Buffett Rule nonsens. Wake up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The GOP Cage Match Continues...

Call me crazy, but I like all 5 GOP presidential candidates still in the race - plus some that never got in.

And, I like the competitive primary that we have had so far. So many debates sharpen up the survivors and gets the eventual nominee ready to battle the incumbent.

There is no doubt who the nominee is. Mitt Romney is the next-guy-in-line, is the establishment candidate, and is the one who will benefit from splitting votes. All of the "non-Romneys" will split that vote 4-ways, and Mitt wins. If we could get down to one conservative alternative against Mitt, Mitt would be in trouble. That's not going to happen soon. Perry will peel off soon. But Newt, Ron Paul, and Santorum are not going to drop out to get down to one champion of the conservatives. Vote-splitting it is, and Romney wins.

It is noticeable that the Tea Party has been sidelined so far. How long will we stay on the sidelines? Not sure.

I'm guessing it will be mostly decided before it gets to me in Illinois in March. If it is, it is. As much as I want to see Newt debate Obama, it's not going to happen. Let's get on with the General Election and with the absolute imperative of defeating Barack Obama.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debate Moderators as Extensions of the Obama Campaign

Did you watch the GOP debate on ABC last night? If you did, do you need a further example of liberal media bias?

Is the economy fixed? Is the availability of condoms the most pressing issue that the next president will face? Well, you would think so by the ridiculous amount of social issue questions asked by the debate moderators.

Where was a question about Obama's illegal nominations this week, and the constitutional crisis they represent? Where was a question on the validity of the Obama admin granting waivers to ObamaCare to their political donors. Where was a question on the DOJ providing assault weapons to the drug cartels through Operation Fast and Furious, and the deaths that have resulted? Where was a question on North Korea or China? Where was a question about the impending explosion of the Euro?

Why are they dwelling on questions about states banning contraceptives? Because they are party line liberals, with no clue about the pressing issues of the day. That's why.

Why does the GOP continue to que our candidates up for the biased moderation of Clinton-lackey George Stephanopoulus and faux-Republican Dianne Sawyer?

When will a candidate other than Newt rebel at the questions? When will one say "Are you kidding me? You're asking me another question about gay marriage when we are 15 trillion dollars in debt and have troops in harms way in Afghanistan? You sir, are a disgraceful hack and I reject your line of questioning. We are here to talk about preventing bankruptcy for our country, which is where President Obama is taking us." I'd vote for that candidate.

When will we see a GOP debate moderated by Sarah Palin? Then we could focus on crony capitalism and radical reform. Put Rush or Sean Hannity in the moderator chair and you would have a completely different debate.

But, the GOP as a party will never do that because the party is run by beltway hacks.

It's time for radical change in this primary system, which fails us every time.