Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What is the point?

So, a friend asked me this week in the comments on a political blog: What is the point of arguing?

By that he meant what is the point of arguing with me. That I'm obstinate and unpersuadable on the facts.

I was thinking the same thing.

What is the point of arguing politics online in this election season? There is no pont in doing it.

We are as polarized as it gets. We live in ever more segregated fact environments. You can live in your own news-gathering bubble that confirms your worldview and not need to be confronted with another worldview. Be irritated, in fact, by being confronted with a different worldview.

It's tiring. I'm tired of being told that:

- I'm a tool of the right-wing media

- I don't really believe what I'm saying but am just winding people up

- My team doesn't have critical thinking skills or,

- I don't know what terms like "socialist" means

- My team consists of bad / stupid / racist people

I'm done.

I have books to read. Unplugging from the argument...