Sunday, November 18, 2012

My 10 Questions on Benghazi

Here are my 10 questions on the Benghazi situation (scandal?):

1. Let' back up a bit. Did Libya attack the USA, and I missed it? (We were told that George Bush was wrong to take military action in Iraq – a country that had not attacked us. What justified Obama / Clinton taking military action to assist in the killing of a foreign leader in Libya? A potential massacre in Benghazi? Saddam Hussein routinely killed 100,000 of his own people every year through starvation and torture, but we were wrong to stop it there and required to stop it in Benghazi?

2. Did Libya attack NATO, and I missed it? (President Obama / Hillary Clinton / Susan Rice took military action in Libya at the behest of NATO and the Arab League, and without the consent of the US Congress – which they did not seek. Was the NATO treaty obligation triggered by an attack by Libya on a NATO signatory country and I missed it? We had no national interests in Libya. Why did we go there?)

3. Who were the “rebels” that Team Obama armed for their mission to kill Khadafi?  (President Obama signed an Executive Order authorizing the arming of “rebels” in Libya. Who were the rebels? What affiliations did they have with al-Qaida linked groups or other radical Islamist groups? What efforts were made to determine the affiliations or agendas of the “rebels”? )

4. Were any of the weapons provided by the US to the “rebels” then used in the deadly attack on our Consulate? Where did the mortars used to kill Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods originate?

5. What national interests justifies a US Consulate in Benghazi, one of the most dangerous parts of the world in the expansive and explosive “Arab Spring” movement, and were we conducting covert and nefarious business from that Consulate? ( Right before the organized terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, the US Ambassador to Libya had dinner with the Turkish ambassador. What was the purpose of that meeting? Is there fact to the rumor that we are currently running guns through Turkey to take down the next government leader – Assad of Syria?)

6. Who is responsible for the complete lack of security for a US Ambassador in a most dangerous part of the world. Embassy security is the responsibility of the Secretary of State – who signed ROE orders for that region limiting security, and who outsourced the security to a British firm who contracted Libyans who ran away? (unofficial WH advisor Valerie Jarrett had round the clock secret service protection on 9/11. Ambassador Stevens had nothing, and was savagely murdered by terrorists on Clinton’s watch.)

7. Why hasn’t Secretary Clinton, or anyone on her staff, been fired or resigned for the complete dereliction of duty that resulted in the death of a US Ambassador and 3 others and the black flag of al-Qaida raised over US embassies on an anniversary of 9/11? What does it take to get fired in this corrupt Chicago-machine style administration? What outrage is too much?

8. Why was there a separate CIA station operating one mile from the consulate? What nefarious business are they up to? Gun-running? Gun retrieving? Terrorist detention? What?

9. Why did President Obama send his UN Ambassador Susan Rice – a full Cabinet member on his staff – on five Sunday shows 5 days after a terrorist attack killed our US Ambassador to LIE to the American people and say that there was “no evidence” that this was a terrorist attack but it was instead a reaction to the YouTube video? (Clearly, evidence that al-Qaida affiliates were alive and well and capable of killing our Ambassador on an anniversary of 9/11 ran contrary to the Obama campaign narrative that al-Qaida had been decimated and had to be denied until “AE” – after the election. Team Obama clearly knew real-time that this was a terrorist attack. They had qualified eyes on the ground lasering mortar positions and drones watching the 7-hour attack at two locations.) This week President Obama was outraged in his press conference that Rice would be criticized, when she had "nothing to do with Benghazi". Then why send her on 5 Sunday shows to answer the media?

10. Was CIA chief Gen. David Patraeus blackmailed by the White House to lie to Congress during his original testimony to support the YouTube video story? Of course he was. He has now amended his testimony to say that he knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours. Conveniently, after the election but before he was to testify again to Congress Obama’s DOJ took Patraeus down with a sex scandal. Convenient.

Bonus question to my Democrat friends: why do you accept the administration's obvious and pervasive lies on Benghazi at face value?
The Benghazi story is not going to go away. I know some of you thought this was about the election. It was, but only on Team Obama's part. We're still asking the questions.


  1. (in this comment, when i say "you," i don't mean you personally. i mean some of the talking heads who are pursing this issue on the sunday news shows, cnn, msnbc, fox, etc)

    here's my question: the death of anyone is sad. the intentional death of anyone is deserving of investigation. however, the intentional death of anyone is first and foremost the responsibility of the hand that delivered the death blow. the death of this ambassador is just as wrong and meaningful as the death of each individual US soldier in afghanistan or iraq or anywhere else. when someone wants to kill someone, it will happen more often than not. those who want to pursue this matter SEEM to be doing so for political reasons and not humanitarian reasons.

    i'm not saying that the obama administration has been fully transparent and truthful on the matter from the start. however, i also recognize that there just might be intelligence reasons that some of this information should not be divulged. even if you were to find the 100% accurate and honest and truthful story, you're not going to bring back anyone from the dead. you're not going to do anything to prevent anyone else's death. you're not going to accomplish anything except your own desire to do anything possible to paint obama negatively. that's the ultimate goal here.

  2. Rich, they acted egregiously in Benghazi and then lied about it.

    Did you watch any of the whistleblower testimony in Congress this week?