Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are there any veterans in Hollywood?

Pop quiz for those who have seen the Spielberg-homage now playing called "Super 8":

Who is the bad guy in the movie?

Hint: it's not the critter that escaped from the trainwreck. It's the operators of the train.

That would be the United States Air Force, front and center as the bad guy. And they are bad baddies. They don't hesitate to murder a respected scientist in cold blood, to gather people into a concentration camp on an air base, to kidnap and detain a deputy sheriff to thwart his investigation, and to have tortured the 20 foot tall misunderstood terrorist. (Bush's fault!)

Nice. Quite a message for all of the teens filing into this Summer blockbuster, some of whom might be considering military service. The military is the bad guy.

As an Air Force veteran, color me not impressed. Count me as disgusted, actually.

Are there no Air Force veterans in the leadership of Paramount Studios, or in Hollywood generally, who would stop and say that this portrayal was not positive, or a good idea? For that matter, is there anyone in Hollywood who has a positive view of the U.S. military? Apparently not, judging from the fare they typically put out.

How about Spielberg? Is he okay with the U.S. Air Force as a mudering, torturing, bad guy?

Sad. Truly sad. Paramount disgraced the uniform of the US soldier, again. Fictionally, granted. But fiction with an agenda.

Hollywood heads further down the slope of destruction of our country's values.

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