Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, this is a familiar feeling. Starting a new blog, with all of the creative energy that it entails.

Been here for a long time, done that several times before.

I started my first blog on Blogger one energetic night in November of 2003. There was a lot going on back then, and I had a lot to say - which was the problem.

I had this habit, you see, of opining on partisan politics. A habit my wife did not share, or much appreciate for that matter. Lacking her as an outlet, I would get pent up on political expression. Which would lead to a strongly worded Letter to the Editor in our local newspaper every 3 months or so. Which would lead to the following exasperated review from the Mrs. : "Randy, I have to live in this town!"

So, Partisan NewsJunkie was born on blogger on one of those nights. It was anonymous political venting, with me posting as "Partisan". I didn't need any readers. I just needed to vent political thought out of my head so I could go on with my day. It was a useful blog and quite a learning experience. I posted over 300 articles over there, and over all I think it's a pretty good body of work.

I've had several topical anonymous blogs since then. Spreading myself too thin to be focused or effective. Developing my voice.

I've come into my own in the last couple of years in the blogging / social media spheres - and under my real name. The primary impetus for that came from being a frequent contributing commenter on the very excellent Roger Ebert's Journal. I'm a little bit of an outsider there. Although I've been welcomed graciously by Roger, I find myself doing battle with my cultural and political opposites on a daily basis. It's been fun. Great fun, in fact.

But, it's time for me to be more focused on my own sites.

I've decided to focus down on three blogs, and the matching social media outlets.

One Dad blog - mostly private. Investing my guidance and hopes in my sons.

One Photography / Film blog and it's accompanying photo website, Lick Creek Photography - which is my real passion. There are a lot of fine photo galleries for you to peruse there. Spend some time. Enjoy. Leave a comment.

And one political / life blog, this one, which matches my Twitter (@rmasters78) and Facebook (rmasters78) account.

So, welcome to this blog. I'll have a lot to say on civil society and politics. I'll say it with my strong opinion, skewed right / conservative / Tea Party by my life's experiences and education. I have a voice, a persona, and this is the place for it. I look forward to expressing myself in a new focused social media manner, and to interacting with your comments. Don't be shy!

Let's get re-started!


  1. Test comment.

    Okay, everyone. Jump in and comment while you're here.

  2. Good read, Ran. Been meaning to ask, what's the "78" for on your Twitter handle?

  3. Hi Tom. It's Class of '78, high school graduation, which dates me. Straight-up randymasters was taken.