Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why all the Crying on the Left?

Lefties: why all of the hysterics in the wake of the debt ceiling deal?

Ron Paul is right: you are going to get your desperate wish to confiscate more of your fellow citizens' wealth to fund your spending binges. You will get to raise taxes.

Do the math on the likely makeup of the new and improved SuperCongress:

1. Establishment picks: 3 each from Reid, Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell = 9 of the 12.

2. Tea Party tolerating picks: 3 from Boehner

You are going to get 9 of 12 picks on the SuperCongress that will look favorably on increased confiscation of income. 6 that are salivating to raise taxes, and some portion of McConnell's 3 picks that will favorably consider it. You only need 7 of the 12 to vote for raising taxes, and it's a done deal. As Ron Paul says, this SuperCongress is rigged to fast track anything that the majority of the 12 decides on without much say so from the rest of our elected officials.

You are going to get to raise taxes.

What I find humorous is that you think any of the tax increase will be used to cover the deficit. You have a Congress that has a strong track record of overspending any revenue that it is handed - currently in the range of 1/3 of the budget overspent (deficit). When you hand them more revenue (in the form of tax increases) they will overspend that too. You can count on that.

Okay, lefties. You can get back to the regularly scheduled program of tax / spend / borrow more and more and more. Enough hysterics.

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