Sunday, August 28, 2011

SHTF Planning

I have lots of blog posts backing up in my brain. Global Warming & the GOP candidates. The debt Super Committee. Excepting the United Way.

What's on my mind tonight is my SHTF bag, or the lack of one.

Don't ask me how, but somehow I found myself linking from a Twitter post to a survivalist website called Survival Cache - where I spent an hour browsing around and thinking Oh My God. Weapons. Foodstuffs. Camping gear. Etc.

What caught my eye was an item called an "SHTF Bag". What I used to call a "Go Bag" or a "Bugout Bag". This is a prepared bag for when something Hits the Fan. What that something is could be a lot of things: tornado, flooding, anarchy. Whatever. Grab this bag and go - assuming of course that you can get gone in whatever vehicle you have. I miss my 4WD truck.

I am grateful that I seem to live in a US geographical region that seems to have been left unscathed by the natural disaster of the week on CNN. As the East Coast is battened down from a earthquake followed by a hurricane - yikes! - I am happily indulging my hobbies in the off-hours. Go bag resting sleepily in a closet.

Lately though, I am less envisioning the need for a SHTF bag from natural disasters than I am from the unraveling of civil society. Political unrest. Flash mob thug gangs. All becoming staples of our nightly news. It's only going to get worse as our debt crisis worsens.

Which brings me to the book I just ordered from Amazon for my Kindle: Mark Steyn's "After America: Get ready for Armageddon". Yeah. I've read the prologue already. Grim. Essentially he has the United States of America not existing as that within twenty years. We're well into the decline, heading for the Fall.

Steyn: "America has squandered its supposedly unipolar moment on the world's most expensive suicide"

I need to step up my SHTF planning.

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  1. Well, lissen here. SOMEBODY'S got to listen here and ask some questions. Last week we heard from a distance about the "demonstrations" in the San Francisco Bay Area about the cops shooting a kid on the BART transportation system and shooting a homeless man. This resulted in a lot of smashed windows, looting, injuries and arrests.

    The newsmedia, as usual, sounded suspicious. I called a friend who's lived in the thick of all that most of her adult life. What she had to say as a real witness didn't resemble what the god-damned bubble-headed-bleach-blondes on the news will tell you.

    She said the locals smelled a scam. Nobody cares that much about the two shootings, she said, as they were seen to be nothing but screw-ups, not intentional brutality by any cops. The local concensus was, the newsmedia were deliberately stirring up riots, or trying to.

    Most importantly: a cop her son spoke to who did arrest bookings said that the arrestees were largely from Ohio and New York. They'd all traveled here to deliberately do damage.

    I can't even get Jason Leopold to pay any attention. These "flash mobs" are organized by outsiders. Who pays their travel expenses? Are they working for somebody? Who?

    Who is deliberately trying to stir up race riots with "flash mobs" of young black men? Why is NOBODY asking these questions out loud but ME?