Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debate Moderators as Extensions of the Obama Campaign

Did you watch the GOP debate on ABC last night? If you did, do you need a further example of liberal media bias?

Is the economy fixed? Is the availability of condoms the most pressing issue that the next president will face? Well, you would think so by the ridiculous amount of social issue questions asked by the debate moderators.

Where was a question about Obama's illegal nominations this week, and the constitutional crisis they represent? Where was a question on the validity of the Obama admin granting waivers to ObamaCare to their political donors. Where was a question on the DOJ providing assault weapons to the drug cartels through Operation Fast and Furious, and the deaths that have resulted? Where was a question on North Korea or China? Where was a question about the impending explosion of the Euro?

Why are they dwelling on questions about states banning contraceptives? Because they are party line liberals, with no clue about the pressing issues of the day. That's why.

Why does the GOP continue to que our candidates up for the biased moderation of Clinton-lackey George Stephanopoulus and faux-Republican Dianne Sawyer?

When will a candidate other than Newt rebel at the questions? When will one say "Are you kidding me? You're asking me another question about gay marriage when we are 15 trillion dollars in debt and have troops in harms way in Afghanistan? You sir, are a disgraceful hack and I reject your line of questioning. We are here to talk about preventing bankruptcy for our country, which is where President Obama is taking us." I'd vote for that candidate.

When will we see a GOP debate moderated by Sarah Palin? Then we could focus on crony capitalism and radical reform. Put Rush or Sean Hannity in the moderator chair and you would have a completely different debate.

But, the GOP as a party will never do that because the party is run by beltway hacks.

It's time for radical change in this primary system, which fails us every time.

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