Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The GOP Cage Match Continues...

Call me crazy, but I like all 5 GOP presidential candidates still in the race - plus some that never got in.

And, I like the competitive primary that we have had so far. So many debates sharpen up the survivors and gets the eventual nominee ready to battle the incumbent.

There is no doubt who the nominee is. Mitt Romney is the next-guy-in-line, is the establishment candidate, and is the one who will benefit from splitting votes. All of the "non-Romneys" will split that vote 4-ways, and Mitt wins. If we could get down to one conservative alternative against Mitt, Mitt would be in trouble. That's not going to happen soon. Perry will peel off soon. But Newt, Ron Paul, and Santorum are not going to drop out to get down to one champion of the conservatives. Vote-splitting it is, and Romney wins.

It is noticeable that the Tea Party has been sidelined so far. How long will we stay on the sidelines? Not sure.

I'm guessing it will be mostly decided before it gets to me in Illinois in March. If it is, it is. As much as I want to see Newt debate Obama, it's not going to happen. Let's get on with the General Election and with the absolute imperative of defeating Barack Obama.

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